2024 » Fix IDM was Registered with a Fake Serial Number

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The solutions to fix the "Fake Serial Number" error that appears in Internet Download Manager (IDM) after the free trial period. I will discuss both free and paid methods to fix the issue.

The free methods include using IDM Crack or patch, using IDM Trial Reset, and stopping IDM auto-updates.

The paid method is to buy IDM for lifetime use. 

Let's learn more about these solutions to get rid of IDM Fake Serial Number Popup.

IDM Fake Serial Number Fix

As I told you earlier in this post there are 3 ways to fix internet download manager has been registered with a counterfeit serial number notification problem. so let's start with the easiest one that can remove IDM counterfeit serial number error.

Using IDM Crack

IDM Full Crack is the best Free tool to remove IDM counterfeit serial key error. Follow the below steps to use it to get rid of this problem.

  1. Download the Latest Version of IDM with Crack
  2. Temprory disable Windows Security
  3. Unzip IDM_Crack.zip using WinRAR
  4. Run IDM Patch 
  5. Click on "Crack" and wait for a few seconds
  6. Done! Your IDM is Now registered fully.

Using IDM Trial Reset

IDM Trial Reset is a tool used to reset the Internet Download Manager (IDM) to its default settings, which can be helpful when you encounter issues such as the "IDM has been registered with a counterfeit serial number" error. To use the IDM Trial Reset tool, follow these steps:

  1. Download the IDM Trial Reset tool.
  2. Run the IDM Trial Reset tool on your computer.
  3. Switch to Register tab
  4. Click on "Register IDM now" button
  5. Write your name or IDMCrackDL.com
  6. Wait a few seconds...
  7. The trial Reset tool will show you "IDM is registered now!" popup.
  8. Done!

Buy IDM Serial Number

  1. Uninstall IDM completely from your Windows PC or computer.
  2. Visit the official IDM website and purchase a license for the software.
  3. Download and install the latest version of IDM.
  4. Use the licensed version of IDM to download files without encountering the fake serial number error.

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